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Information for Carers

Sometimes people think that adults with learning difficulties will not benefit from counselling, but this is not true. All people have feelings and sometimes people with learning difficulties find it harder to express these feelings meaning they bottle them up, which can result in depression or behaviours that distress them or others. Having a safe space to talk about their feelings with a caring person outside the family or other home situation, can benefit adults with learning difficulties as much as it can those without. It’s my belief that as we are all individuals, we will all find our own sense of benefit from counselling, there is no right or wrong way to benefit. In future I intend to provide musical intervention for those who find it hard to express verbally. But at the moment, a reasonable level of ability to communicate verbally or in written form or using AAC would be needed. If you’re unsure, please contact me.

Working with people with learning difficulties can contain a more practical element, and in this sense has a coaching side as well as counselling.

I aim to give people the time to express themselves, and over time build up a picture of what other interventions in that person’s life will benefit them. For example, they may like to try to find work, paid or unpaid, engage in a creative activity or go on social trips. They may want to listen to certain music, or create a scrapbook or creative project. I will try to help them find solutions to their problems. This will often require cooperation from carers so I will liase with you where necessary to achieve the client’s goals.

If you are the carer of an adult with learning difficulties and are wondering if counselling could benefit them, I would be happy to explore this with you. Please get in touch!

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