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Counselling Services

I offer person centred holistic counselling services on an online basis to adults. I work with all adults but have a special interest in working with adults on the autistic spectrum and those with learning difficulties. For more on this please click here. I charge £35 per hour session, and can offer a concessionary fee for those on a low income. For more information about online see here. Most people attend once a week, but it is possible to attend more often if need be. Less than once a week is not recommended.  

*(Please note I do not counsel couples)

Some of the issues people may come to counselling with are listed here (on page “Why counselling?”). I will consider any problem but also have specific experience in the areas of self harm, abuse, learning difficulties, autism and communication difficulties.

I am holistic in that I consider all aspects of a person, body mind and spirit. We are not empty shells but complex beings. Our overall state of wellbeing, is influenced by a variety of different factors, from environment to exercise, from nutrition to job satisfaction. People often come to counselling when they feel somehow at odds with themselves, and perhaps that they are not in their true life’s purpose. Counselling gives you a chance to explore these symptoms of dis-ease, and gently guide yourself, with help, back into your lifes flow.

The purpose of person centred counselling is for you to be heard in a non judgemental supportive way. It’s through this process that change can come. This form of counselling springs from the belief that we contain within ourselves all the resources that we need for healing, however it is in exploring our inner world with a supportive other that we gain clarity and strength to move forward. There may be times during counselling which challenge you to look at things in a different way, or to consider new actions that may further your healing journey. Because I am holistic and work in harmony with the individual’s needs, I sometimes bring aspects of other counselling models into the therapy. However the counselling relationship is one of equality and supportive respect, rather than control or dependence, so you won’t be “told” what to do. 

 barley field in the sun