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Online Counselling

What is it?

Online counselling sessions are the same as offline sessions, except they are conducted over Skype. I offer online one to one counselling to individuals. Please note I do not offer couples or marriage counselling.

Skype counselling can be beneficial to people with disabilities or health problems who find it hard to get to a physical location. It also has the benefit that you can have counselling wherever you are in the country, or indeed in the world! You know that you can be in an environment that is comfortable and familiar to you when you undertake the online counselling, in other words, your own home or another location of your choice. In this way, it gives you a much greater flexibility and can impart a sense of control that is important to some clients who feel nervous in unfamiliar surroundings. It can also give a greater degree of anonymity. Online counselling can also be beneficial to people who are busy, and can’t take the time to travel to a location, or who would benefit from not paying to get to a location. It could also benefit carers who cannot leave the house as they are looking after someone else, whether children or adults. Apart from these practical issues, my online counselling is the same as my face to face location based counselling. You can expect the same service as if you were to come to me in person. Many people prefer the flexibility of online counselling.

How it works

I offer you a free 20 minutes introductory “session” so you can meet me and see if you want to take up counselling. It works in the same way as location based counselling in terms of the sessions. A session is 50 minutes. It is the same service offering confidentiality and non judgemental support. If you want online counselling contact me here. I will ask you to provide some details for me by email before we begin. I would normally recommend a minimum of four to six sessions in order to feel maximum benefit. However, choosing a counsellor is a very personal thing so I would ask you to let me know after the first session how you would like to proceed. Sometimes people dip in and out of sessions and that is fine too. 

Costs and payment

The cost is £35 per session and I may be able to charge slightly less for people on a low income. Please contact me to ask.  Payment is by bank transfer in advance of a session. I will normally need the payment 48 hours in advance of a booked online session. I may be able to arrange some sessions at shorter notice in which case payment should be as far before the session as you can manage. 

Opening Hours

Skype counselling is very flexible and so I can do it outside of normal office hours.

Cancellation policy

There is a 48 hour notice required cancellation policy.